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July 24, 2018|Jobs

Huntler Jobs

huntlerEveryone is on the Huntler in Mitte, Schöneberg, Charlottenburg, Kreuzberg, Prenzlauer Berg

Mitte – L.A. Poké is looking for a new Assistant Manager. Applicants must know how to team manage and sell their products. Experience is wanted but cross-over candidates are also welcome. English a must, German a plus. Check it out here

SchönebergPanama, part of the Katz Orange/Contemporary Food Lab family, is looking for a new Sous Chef. Applicants must have several years of management skills and kitchen experience. Check it out here

CharlottenburgKoshary Lux, a street food restaurant with specialties from North Africa and the Middle East, is hunting for a full-time chef. Familiarity with the cuisine is an asset but not a must. Check it out here

Kreuzberg – Italian speciality shop Salumeria Lamuri is looking for support in the kitchen. Applicants should be familiar with Italian cuisine and available at daytime. Check it out here

Other Offers

Prenzlauer Berg – Organic deli Satt & Glücklich is on the hunt for a new staff member, who’s passionate about plant based food. Unclear what the job position exactly is, but hosting your own pop-up evening will be an option. Coffee skills, English and German are all required. Cooking skills are a plus. Check it out on FoodjobXchange Berlin

Kreuzberg Bakery Albatross in hunting for new bakers, pastry chefs, baristas and front of house service. They are primarily looking for full-timers, who must be eligible to work under an official contract. Check it out on Berlin Hospitality Staff

Prenzlauer BergZia Maria, a pizza place that also has a running art space, is on the hunt for service staff. They offer flexible working hours, fair pay and management oriented training. Beginners are also welcome. Applicants can apply directly via their restaurant website

Hit up Huntler to look for jobs and post your jobs! Happy Hunting!

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