Big Ticket Event Pulls In Major International Pastry Chef

July 23, 2018|Gossip

Kreuzberg- NEU/Atelier Kitchen

big ticket eventComing up at the end of the month will be the second instalment of the NEU Dinner Series which will feature two leading pastry chefs as they produce a full multi course dinner of desserts at a price tag of 250€. The event brings together the head chef and crew of Berlin’s Coda restaurant and acclaimed international pastry chef, Will Goldfarb, who was recently featured in an episode of Netflix’s “Chef’s Table.” The episode discusses his storied past, scaling the culinary heights in the USA only to leave it all behind for a different kind of life.

The dinner series, which is the brain child of the Terroir and Berlin Food Stories founders, was created with an aim to bring “the most exclusive experimental dinner series around”  with and overall mission “to encourage exchange and creativity within the Berlin food scene.”  

They’ve previously hosted at Anomalie Art Club and their second location will be at Atelier in Moritzplatz, Kreuzberg and in the future will continue to shift locations.

While the two pastry chefs have not worked together and know each other briefly, they will have two days to spend some time together, testing out some ideas and put the finishing touches on the menu. Joining them in the kitchen will be the entire Coda crew as well as the head chef of the “To The Regiment” Pop Up, who is soon to open his new restaurant, “Barra.”

With 40+ tickets available at 250€ each, the price tag can be considered steep for the Berlin restaurant scene, especially considering that the event will be a one-off bang or bust evening. However it seems that this is the cost for bringing international names to Berlin, even for one night. This is no mean feat as the producers incur the costs of transportation, accommodation, wait staff, location and product and explain that this is the only way for them to break even on the project. The double edged sword is that most people that can afford the dinner have most likely already dined globally, which leads to the question, what market does it open?

Nevertheless, “The big ticket event” is becoming more prevalent as collaborations and pop ups over the last few months are bringing about concepts like “Brinner” and “Double Trouble” two recent high price events at over 150 bucks a ticket.  Could this be the trajectory of the Berlin Pop Up? While it may be risky business for the producers, the ultimate risk lays in the hands of the diner. The question they have to ask is, “do I drop 500 bucks on a dinner for two on a known entity, or take the risk on something new?” Time will tell.


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