Nordic Cuisine Wine Bar Due For Summer Opening In Neukölln

July 19, 2018|Knocked Up

Neukölln- Palsta

Palsta, wine bar doing some nordic cuisine in Neukölln is in gestation and due to open up later this summer. Judging by the artwork it looks like they are on the cusp of readiness. The joint is due to have a menu consisting of small bites to go along with their natural wine program and it seems like they will have a coffee program as well. Interesting to note that it looks like they will source at least some of the produce from their own garden. The crew has done numerous pop ups and catering events over the last few months and have been renovating the place for the last couple of months. Hard to tell exactly but if they fulfil predictions of a summer opening, it looks like mid August will be the due date.

Oderstraße 52

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