Berlin Beer Week Collaboration Pitches Rib-Eye Pizza & More

July 13, 2018|DishLer

Friedrichshain-Salami Social Club/Stone Brewery

berlin beer weekBerlin Beer Week is about to be upon us and Salami Social Club is going to link up with a “heavy hitter” for a Oven/Tap Takeover over in Friedrichshain. The heavy hitter in question is Stone Brewing, the restaurant and down in Mariendorf and recently opened Tap Room in Prenzlauer Berg. The deal is that Stone Brewing will be coming up to Friedrichshain with a list of Stone Brews and a menu of pizza designed speciffically for the takeover. Among them Shrimp Taco Pizza, and wait or it… Rib Eye Pizza! Event goes down later this month, but is bound to be in demand.

Frankfurter Allee 43



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