The Daily Dish: Knaffe!!! From Baba Sultan Köfteci

July 10, 2018|Awards

Moabit- Baba Sultan Köfteci


©Boaz Arad Photography

The Daily Dish is in at Moabit where we got the killer Knaffe from Baba Sultan Köfteci. If you don’t know what Knaffe is, don’t wait, Go Now to Moabit and eat it. Its a shredded wheat pastry over a bed of melted cheese soaked in rose water or honey. Best served warm and best not to be shared with Mr. Eatler, lest you should receive an antler in a sensitive dark spot of your anatomy. Go Eat That! Go Eat That Now!

Turmstraße 67

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  1. Hmmm Knaffe and the possibility of Mr eatler in dark parts of my anatomy ger me hot n bothered!
    Thanks for the tip 😉

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