Anarchist Pizza Joint Rocks A Grand Opening Near Ostkreuz

July 10, 2018|Openings

Friedrichshain- La Riscossaanarchist pizza

New pizza shop, La Riscossa is due to open this weekend just off of Ostkreuz in Friedrichshain. The line on the joint is that its “your anarchist pizza.” Their general attitude seems to have the jovial “I don’t give a fuck about anything but pizza.” Because when you ask who is the boss of the joint, the answer “No boss but pizza.” Thats a political movement Mr. Eatler can get behind. Looks like the joint does a wood fired Neapolitan style pizza at a bout seven bucks a pop and has some of the standard combos like a Margherita, but also the Sarda, with truffle oil.

Markgrafendamm 24 c


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