Tim Raue Gets Called Out In Open Letter Over Coca Cola

July 9, 2018|Gossip

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Tim Raue, Michelin Star chef and number 37 on the 50 Best Restaurants list, recently got called out by butchery owner and front man of Kumpel & Keule who confronted him in an open letter for his recent participation in a Coca Cola advertising campaign. The deal is that Tim Raue is part of a multi restaurant ad campaign that Coca Cola is running called Das Original. The issue that K&K owner has with Raue is that Coca Colas causes “…millions to be overweight, leading to obesity or type 2 diabetes, as many studies worldwide now show.” He calls Raue out for hypocrisy for simultaneously being a spokesman for Coca Cola while offering testimonials for a clean eating startup, and previously also for weight watchers.  The expected social media commentary was bandied about as some people applauded the letter’s sentiment, while some people derided the writer and accused him of righteous preaching.

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Now: Mr. Eatler Ponders…

This raises lots of questions. Is the issue that Raue promotes coca cola? Or is the issue that he sells Coca Cola? If a customer comes in and asks for a coke, should Raue disappoint his customer? That wouldn’t make much sense. On the other hand, selling Coca Cola and then hiding the fact that you sell it is an act of cowardice, something Raue could never be accused of. So as a restaurateur, if I sell a beverage, and the company that produces that beverage offers me money to say I sell the beverage, I have two options: To stop selling the beverage all together or accept the company’s Faustian bargain.

And then comes the other matter of hypocrisy. Can someone be a spokesman for both Coca Cola and Weight Watchers? One would have to go through a lot of moral gymnastics to make that one work. Except, if you live on the end of the moral spectrum that says: “I don’t give a shit what people think of me” and if you like both Coca Cola and Weight Watchers, you could easily rationalize it for yourself, especially when you throw a little bit of cash into the mix. Its obvious where Raue stands on that spectrum, because when Eatler reached out to him for a comment the response was “please do not bother me with that kind of mails.”

And the last issue. Let’s put aside any notion that this is any kind of publicity ploy and give the writer the benefit of the doubt that he is well meaning and pure in his sentiment. What is the motivation of the writer of the letter? Is it a brave social justice warrior, fighting the good fight? Or is it whinging sentimentalist who is out to win victimology points?  It’s one thing to attack Coca Cola, but quite another to attack a fellow restaurateur. One is slinging rocks at Goliath and the other is slinging rocks at Goliath’s dog. So the question then follows, should the letter have been written at all? And the answer is, yes. Because a small part of change for the better, requires people to speak out on behalf of their believes. The danger lays in what happens when tomorrow’s vegan food activist writes an open letter to the butchery owner of Kumpel & Keule, deriding him of his cruelty to animals? Should he shut down his shop? Mr. Eatler guarantees you that he would not.

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