The Daily Dish: Jerk Up Monday With The Saltfish Fritters

July 9, 2018|Awards

Kreuzberg- Spice Spice Baby/Big Sursaltfish

The Daily Dish is in over at Spice Spice Baby, the jerk chicken pop up grillers, who are continuing their residency over at Big Sur down in Kreuzberg. Last week Spice Baby had to cancel the event because of all of the jerk chicken demand that pulled them to another event. But they are back with a vengence with todays daily dish: The Saltfish Fritters along with Jerk Chicken Wings and for the vegan crew, Vegan Corn Fritters. Go Eat That Now down at Big Sur, because it wont be back until Monday. With the amount of love Spice Baby has been getting, its only a matter of time before they’ll jump onto their own rooted joint. Time will tell.

Graefestraße 11


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