Music Label Re-Launches Dream Bar In Prenzlauer Berg

July 9, 2018|Knocked Up

Prenzlauer Berg- Dream Baby Dream

Dream Baby Dream, a takeover of Melloch Bar, the sibling bar of 8MM, is about to make its opening appearance under new management. 8MM, a long lasting epicentre in the underground music scene opened up a fancier new wave joint called Melloch Bar over in Prenzlauer Berg last year. However they have handed over the keys to the new Dream Baby Dream owners who have re-branded and taken over the business.  Unclear exactly what will be different other than the name, but the grand opening on the 20th of July will feature tunes from the Melloch music label and will include handcrafted cocktails. This begs the question, how can a cocktail not be handcrafted? Will be interesting to find out.

Greifswalder Str. 218

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  1. Dear Just to clarify- 8mm bar has absolutely nothing to do with my bar dream baby dream. Olli is a good friend and i was managing when it was called Melloch Bar then I bought the business off him and renamed it etc. please drop by some time and try some cocktails!
    Ps. Love your site!
    Andrew Jigalin

    1. Dear Andrew
      Thank you for the correction.
      Mr. E

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