American Style Summer At Play For The Daily Dish

July 3, 2018|Awards

Mitte- Chicago Williams

The Daily Dish is in from Chicago Williams, the Mitte based barbecue joint that has been winning hearts and pallates for the last four year. They are bringing the daily dish to American style summer levels with their Corn on the Cob. The corn is grilled, topped with Coriander, Sumac and Lime with Cheese and Butter. Not exactly the requisite American butter only topping, but a pretty solid corn combo to be sure.  And certainly the greatest sidekick a rack of baby back ribs has ever had. This is a July special, so available for a limited time. Go Eat That Now!

Hannoverschestraße 2

american style

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  1. Great ribs at this place, but everything else is really below par. I’ve never seen such a dry pastrami.

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