Controversial Vegan Restaurateur Faces Heat Over Employee Texts

July 2, 2018|Gossip

Kreuzberg- Attila Hildmann Vegan Food Snack Bar

The Hildmann Social-Media Shit-Talk Saga continues as the crossroads between Veganism, Feminism, and MeToo-ism found a home this past weekend. There was some action on Facebook’s vegan boards as Atilla Hildmann, vegan cookbook author and restaurateur faced some criticism. The short summary is that a young lady asked about getting hired for a job at Hildman’s vegan shop in Kreuzberg. She was instructed to leave her contact info which she naturally gave. Apparently the person who took her details (not Hildmann) started a text conversation, offering her an apartment, (unclear how they got to the domestic discourse.) However, the text messages come across as quite awkward, and give the impression that the employee was suggesting some sort of untoward assignation or arrangement.

The lady reasonably declined and sent the whole message thread to the restaurant owner, Attila Hildmann, rightly thinking that he might like to know that one of his employees was behaving inappropriately, and also took the opportunity to compliment him on his food.

Hildmann, who is no stranger to controversy, fired back, shaming the lady for sending him the screenshot of the discussion. The threads continued through the weekend as multiple community members chimed in with their thoughts and opinions. Besides some personal back and forth responses, Hildmann put out a response defending the employee, the shop and himself against the complaints. He then went on to chide members of the vegan community for banding together to give him one star reviews.


Doubtful that much more will develop from this, unless Hildman, or the lady decide to escalate the situation. Something that Hildmann has been known to do from time to time in shameless self promotion. But from the standpoint of just being a decent human being, its pretty easy to say you’re sorry for your customer’s grief, thank them for letting you know, and tell the employee to keep things business appropriate. There are two options for behaviour in this world and very little grey area in between. You can go into a room and be okay, or you can go into a room and be an asshole. We can get a good sense in which direction Mr. Hildmann leans.

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  1. Looking forward to Stil in Berlin’s mastermind take on this one…

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