High Profile Summer For Local Pastry Head-Chef

June 28, 2018|Gossip

Neukölln-Coda Dessert Dining & Bar/NEU

The head chef at Coda Dessert Dining & Bar in Neukölln, Rene Frank, is heading into quite the high profile summer. If not necessarily for him, then for two upcoming collaborations that he is about to take part in. The first takes place in his own restaurant in Neukölln in an event titled Double Trouble, which will feature Andy Vorbush, a recently awarded Pastry Chef of the Year and will serve a 6 course dinner menu with two seatings. One at 8:30 and one after midnight. The second event at the end of July will feature a collaboration with Will Goldfarb, a pastry chef that was recently featured on Netflix’s hit series Chef’s Table; and will take place at NEU, a new dinner series in town. Pretty high profile collaborations for the relatively young pastry chef.

Friedelstr. 47

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