The Daily Dish: Chicken Ragout From Schwein

June 26, 2018|Awards

Charlottenburg- Schwein

The Daily Dish is in over at Schwein who are bringing things to the highbrow quadrant with their Chicken Ragout dish made with Liver, Heart and Gizzard. Schwein recently opened up the second iteration of their shop in Charlottenburg after winning a “Rookie Of The Year” award last year from Meisterköche. They then had to shut down the place due to some land lord issues.  This daily dish is clearly on the high brow end of the daily dish spectrum.  So for clarity, we got a slow cooked Onsen Egg, Smoked Potato Foam, Chickenjus Gelee(Brown) and Chicken Veloute(Green), and finally Potato-Chickenskin-VinegarSunflower Seed powder. So as per usual Go Eat That Now!

Mommsenstr. 63



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