Events Of The Week: Dosas & Beer, Ceviche, Algea & More

June 25, 2018|Events

Later today TookTook, a travelling foodie community, stops by beer bar Straßenbräu in Friedrichshain for a night of Dosas & Beer. Dosas are traditional southern Indian crepes made of fermented rice and lentils. A Western spin will be added by serving Dosas either with Truffle oil, apple goat cheese or caramel and bananas. Straßenbräu is in charge of the beer pairing. Check it out here

On Thursday, Atelier Culinário Sabine Hueck, a Brazilian culinary workshop in Schöneberg hosts a Dia del Ceviche dinner. They will be celebrating an annual Peruvian Ceviche day. Ceviche day, allas the hallmark holidays. No need to RSVP. Check it out here

Also happening on Thursday over a Hermann’s, the health conscience restaurant in Mitte, hosts an event about algae, which they see as “the food of the future.” Sample menu showcases the greens in seaweed burgers, algae butter and summer seaweed pasta. Tickets go at 35€ a head. Check it out here

On Friday, food blogger Susa in the Kitchen stops by Czech restaurant Szimpla in Friedrichshain for a Vegan Nonsense Dinner. The nonsense being here turning goose liver, cheese soup and chicken döner into a vegan meal. Two fixed price menus, either 25€ or 15€ a head. Reservations recommended. Check it out here

Also happening on Friday, Lino’s Barbecue in Wedding, throws a Tortilla Fiesta. You can choose between toppings like brisket, pork shoulder or cheddar sausage. Homemade sweets and sides plus tequila. Beers are provided by local organic brewer Brewbaker. Check it out here

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