Richwater & Mitchell Head Chef, Anton Michel, Spills The New London Beans

June 25, 2018|Interviews

Moabit- Richwater & Mitchell

anton michelRichwater & Mitchell, the New London Cuisine joint that gained a following since it opened a about a year and half ago has decided to close its doors at the end of the month. At the helm has been head chef, Anton Michel, who had previously ran a successful Berlin pop up by the name of Anton Kocht. It was certainly a proof of concept as his rooted restaurant followed shortly after the initial event. The 25 year old chef who himself has trained under some high profile german chefs, has had quite a year. From featuring on the cover of TIP’s Speiskarte edition for 2018, to getting rave reviews at Richwater & Mitchell to working 90 hour weeks as chefs often do, it has been quite the ride. Eatler got the chance to steal a few minutes away from Anton’s hectic schedule to ask a few questions.


How do you feel when someone qualifies you as a young chef? Indifferent, annoying, or do you identify with it?

I think this is a classic double-edged sword. I have both profited immensely from being pidgeon-holed, as well as having to face some harsh criticism. At the end of the day I always hope guests can see beyond what’s going on in the media-sphere and simply enjoy the food.

What would you say are the strongest influences on your cooking style?

The main influences on my cooking style are of course the two chefs I trained under. Kolja Kleeberg with his love for unadulterated great produce and Tim Raue with his no holds barred approach to cooking.

How do you see your future in the gastronomy world?

Uncertain. Cooking was, is, and will always remain one of my passions, and I want to make sure I don’t lose that flame so taking a break from working in the kitchen is important. Maybe I’ll become just a spectator, maybe I’ll stay an actor – I don’t know yet…

How do you think the gastronomy in Berlin will grow in comparison to cities like London or New York?

I look forward to seeing Berlin continue to grow into a gastronomic capital in Europe! The ideas and executions are right up there with the best; however, a lot of locals still struggle with accepting new ideas. For example Richwater & Mitchell was recently mentioned in a newspaper article complaining about food trends, saying we offered Fish & Chips to share (something that has never been on our menu). These sorts of statements show, and of course there are plenty of exceptions, that there is a certain unwillingness to welcome new takes on gastronomy to the table before labelling them as a useless trend.

©Clemens Niedenthal

If you could open any dream restaurant, what would it be?

Not quite a restaurant, but I would love to recreate the meal that was served to honour the 1st anniversary of Pope Pius V. on Friday the 17. January 1567. A lunch served in four cold and two warm courses each consisting of 11 platters, served by 11 waiters. This was a lunch so lavish the likes of it were not seen for a long time.

On that high brow note, the next question makes perfect sense. What is your favourite fast food burger?

If we’re talking Golden Arches v. BK I’ve got to go with the Big Mac, if only for it’s cultural gravitas.

If you had to loose a limb, or cook a Well-Done Chateaubriand for Donald Trump, which limb would you cut off?

I’m not one for telling anyone how to eat their meat, well done or otherwise, though I do hear they make great leg prosthetics now…

What historical figure, alive or dead, needs to eat your best dish? What would the dish be?

I would love to have Sir Winston Churchill taste my Turbot with Hazelnuts and Beurre Blanc because it pairs excellently with his favourite Pol Roger Champagne.

anton michelBetween Donald’s well done filet and Winnie’s Turbot, Mr. Eatler would take lunch with Churchill every day of the week and twice on Sunday.  No doubt Anton will continue going strong in whatever place he finds himself, but we at Eatler are crossing antlers that it will be in the firmament of the Berlin gastronomy scene for many years to come. This is the last week to catch a bit of New London magic at Richwater & Mitchell so don’t miss out.

Wiclefstraße 30

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