Chicken Wing Slinger Looses Residency… Neighbour Issues

June 21, 2018|Gossip, Openings

Friedrichshain- Khwan/Discowings

Discowings, the chicken wing pop up that was slotted to work off of the Khwan terrace every weekend, in a summer long residency will have to find a new home. The recurring event which they mounted on the Khwan terrace went by the name of Beats & Wings. Due to some neighbourly woes it was short lived. Unfortunately Discowings brought too much heat, as the Beats part of the concept was too much noise for the neighbours to handle. Discowings have quickly developed a rep in town for their solid wings and will keep doing pop ups as they search for a location where they can bust the Beats without making the Sacred Sunday brigade too irate. Rumor is that brick and mortar store are on the horizon.

As it stands Khwan, the Thai BBQ joint, will be mounting their Sunday Funday events on their terrace and will feature a grilled seafood event this weekend. Yes, there will be Oysters, Lobster, Razor clams, Turbot, Red gurnard, Mackerel.

Revalerstr. 99

chicken wing

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