New Beer Garden Host’s Poutine Closing Party

June 18, 2018|Openings

Pankow – Two Fellas/B’s Poutine

B’s Poutine a Canadian street food slinger is about to close out a year of pop ups and events and has decided to sing their swan song at Two Fellas Brewery in northern Prenzlauer Berg. The American craft beer nano-brewer who opened up their own joint about a year ago have expanded the operation this summer and opened up a small beer garden. Over the past year they have played host to numerous pop ups and one of these has been B’s Poutine. Now for those of you who haven’t caught on to the Canadian fried sensation, Poutine is a Canadian specialty that is comprised of fresh cut fries, cubed cheese covered in gravy that melts the cheese into stringy fry bites. For their last event B’s Poutine will be offering a variety of poutine iterations, including pulled pork, veggie and bacon. Closing out party is set to do down on the 29th of the month. It should be said that B’s Poutine has said they’re only cutting back their activity, so perhaps they’ll be back soon.

Mühlenstraße 30,

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