Tokyo Style Shaved Ice Joint Opens In Prenz

June 15, 2018|Openings


Prenzlauer Berg- Tenzan Lab

Tenzan Lab, new Japanese Kakigori joint, which is to say its a Japanese shaved ice joint, opened up a little less than two weeks ago off of Kollwitz Platz. So the deal is, it’s a pretty strait forward shaved ice with syrups concept, however Tenzan throws in some interesting twists. They offer a variety of Kakigori, like Matcha Mascarpone, and Custard Creme Kinako among others. They aren’t exactly on the cheap side either, at around eight bucks a pop. But they sure do look interesting. And according to their bio its is “Straight from Tokyo- from our table to yours.” So lets see if it catches on.

Wörtherstr. 22

shaved ice

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