Ritz Carlton Gearing Up For Two New Venues

June 14, 2018|Knocked Up

Mitte- Ritz Carlton/ Fragrances Bar/ Smokers Lounge

News coming out of the Ritz Carlton over in Potsdammer Plats. The hotel, whose name is synonymous with high end products, is gearing up to re-open two of their venues. Both the Fragrances Bar, famous for creating bespoke cocktails based on a favoured sense of smell, and the Smokers Lounge have recently gone through renovations. Fragrances is already done with the work and is on the docket for a late summer opening. The Smokers Lounge is still being worked on and will also open adjacently. The word on the street is that they are already looking towards staffing the new joints.

Potsdamer Platz 3


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