Coffee Roastery Due To Launch New Coffee Lab/Shop

June 13, 2018|Knocked Up, Openings

Mitte- Tres Cabezas/19 Grams

Coffee roasters Tres Cabezas and sibling coffee shop 19Grams is about to open their new location in Mitte. The opening at Alexanderplatz marks a milestone for the 16 year old coffee roaster who started their business on a trip to Costa Rica. In tandem, this will also be the third location for 19Grams coffee shop. The deal is that they are going to be having a grand opening party on the 16th of June from afternoon on into the night which will include a showcasing of the roastery and will supply some coffee and cakes to be followed by booze and BBQ.

Karl-Liebknecht Straße 13


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