Rookie Berlin Pop Up Scores Berliner Zeitung Feature

June 12, 2018|Gossip

Kreuzberg- Brünch/”Our/Berlin”

Brünch, the recurring Berliner operated London Pop Up that recently moved back to town had an event at the Our/Berlin Vodka Distillery in Kreuzberg this past weekend. After only three showings in town, the rookie pop up got a feature write up at Berliner Zeitung.  The writer of the piece is already calling for Brünch to become its own rooted joint. Not that Brünch is a pure rookie per say, as it has had a storied run in London, so they clearly know what they are doing.The goal for the Brünch has always been to harken back those nostalgic Berlin brunches of old. The question had been, will it actually work in Berlin, and according to this journalist, it certainly succeeded. Playing on the heart string of nostalgia is as sure a bet as any when it comes to two things: Food and Politics. Without a doubt, this can be marked down as a win for this new player in town. Read the full piece here.


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