New Japanese Fusion Joint Gets A Grandiose Label

June 12, 2018|Openings

Kreuzberg- Mirami 

Mirami, New Japanese style fusion joint opened up about two weeks ago down in Kreuzberg. The new place looks like to serves some of the standard sushi fusion fare, and also features house specials like a Truffle Oil Salmon Tartar and a Sushi Burger. So not a purist place for sure. The owners own a joint outside of Berlin and decided to bring their concept into town. The antler scratcher here is the press push on this place, which has been pretty active. They’ve already gotten a clipping from Zetiblatt which called Mirami “The New Miracle Of Berlin” Which is a pretty grandiose label for a new joint. Pretty hard sell and high expectations for a restaurant entering and increasingly competitive arena.

Stresemannstraße 48


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