Bite Club Hosting A Fried Chicken Showdown

June 12, 2018|Gossip

Treptow- Bite Club

Bite Club hosts a Fried Chicken Showdown event at their Badeschiff Arena location in Treptow this weekend. Food trucks and stalls are taking over for a Fried Chicken Special and will include Butter Bronson’s, Piri’s, Fräulein Kimchi, Discowings and many more. Unclear if the vendors will be battling it out for an actual title or not, but it’s fried, it’s chicken, so who cares. Booze provided by Stone Bistro, The Singleton and 8greenbottles. If you aren’t from earth and aren’t about fried chicken, the standard pelthora of food stalls will still be rockin’ it at Bite Club. Let’s make the summer of 2018 the one that killed the burger trend and replaced with fried chicken.

Eichenstraße 4

fried chicken showdown

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