Friedrichshain Izakaya Throws Opening Party After Month Long Soft Opening

June 8, 2018|Openings

Friedrichshain- IRO Izakaya

New mid-range Izakaya restaurant IRO is on the docket for an opening party. They have been running for about a month in Friedrichshain just off Boxhagener Platz. Looks like the joint has some typical Izaka fare, Katsu Don (Japanese Schnitz) Tempura, and even a Matcha Tiramisu for the more modern Izakay diner.The deal is the opening party takes place early next week. Unclear what the Sake situation is like though. Scheduled for the event is a DJ, a Violinist, snacks and drinks. The violinist raises a questioning eyebrow, but why not, lets make it highbrow.  Unclear if this one is Japanese owned or not, but it looks pretty solid. Party goes down on June 14th from 7 to 10 pm.

Krossenerstraße 19

izakaya berlin restaurant

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