Barbecue Food Truck Finds A Home In Big Bro’s Backyard

June 7, 2018|Openings

Kreuzberg- Gorilla Barbecue

The word is in on developments at Big Sur the Kreuzberg based California style bistro. Its sibling burger flipper, Gorilla Barbecue, is opening an imbiss in its backyard. The deal is that Gorilla Barbecue, the long time food truck and resident at Badeschiff has decided to sprout some roots over on Graefstrasse and is having a silent opening this coming Tuesday. Official opening with a party will be announced at a later date, but from next week on, the Gorilla is in. The question will be whether this has any sort of menu affect as to what will happen with the Big Sur menu, as they will also be opening for lunch from next week on.

Graefestr. 11


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