Thai BBQ King Hosts Wing Joint For Summer Long Residency

June 6, 2018|Openings

Friedrichshain- Discowings/Khwan

Khwan, Thai BBQ joint, which started off as a popper but set up shop on RAW, an event space in Friedrichshain. Since They’ve already earned their long standing rep as one of the leading Thai BBQ spots in Berlin, they are giving a new food stall a chance in the sun. Quite literally. As of this Sunday, chicken wing pop up Discowings will be taking over the Khwan terrace for an afternoon of WINGS N BEATS.

The deal is that they’ll be serving spicy chicken wings all day long while a Voidance Records spins some sounds. Event starts at 1pm and finishes “when you stop dancing” but Mr. Eatler says, why dance, when you can fly with some Discowings. The series is gonna go on until mid July, so Go Eat That Then!!!

Revalerstr. 99


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