Global Third Wave Coffee At Long Last Opens European Flagship

June 4, 2018|Openings

Kreuzberg- Arabica

After five years in the coffee game, developing an international presence, Arabica is at long last opened its first European flagship store in Kreuzberg. Arabica is a Japanese based third wave coffee shop franchise that has already got 19 locations globally, from Kyoto and Hong Kong to the Dubai and now Berlin. The date for the first presser is to be later this week and is sure to mark the beginning of a new trajectory for the company. The Berlin location has been cooking for the last few years and has hit road block after road block, from construction, to  regulation, to personnel. However the new management crew has pulled it off. The most difficult part is, that now the real work begins. Stay tuned for updates on Arabica developments.

Reichenbergerstr. 36

long last

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