Former French Brunch Standby Snags New French Occupant

June 1, 2018|Openings

Neuköln- La Malo

La Malo, new joint is due to open its doors later next week over at the former dining room of another French resto, Papilles. Papilles shut down in March after a few years in the game and with a good deal of acclaim for their French Brunch, (highlight on the Camembert). This was much to the chagrin of a few citizens who had come to rely on Papilles’ for their Franco fix. However, La Malo gives assurances that you will not have to worry about your francophile gene being tickled, as they will still be an all-day long French café-restaurant with some extra emphases on natural wines. It just so happens that the owner of the new joint is also a natural wine importer. Besides adding some Mediterranean and vegetarian influence “The idea behind La Malo is to create a neo-bistrot around natural wines, a warm atmosphere and good food.” They had a short pre-opening softy about two weeks back, but the official day is set for June 9th. 

Flughafenstr. 25

french brunch

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