Pumpkin Tofu Taco From Santa Cantina Is In For The Daily Dish

May 31, 2018|Awards

Friedrichshain- Santa Cantina

The daily dish is in from Santa Cantina who is launching their Sunday Brunch menu this weekend with the Scrambled Pumpkin and Tofu Tacos topped with pumpkin seed and tomatillo salsa. So the deal is that it looks, feels and tastes like an egg, but its completely vegan. N’er hath the daily dish been bestowed upon a vegan candidate, but even if it wasn’t singled out for veganism, The Pumpkin Tofu Taco plays and it plays hard! Go Eat That Then! This weekend, on the new summer’s brunch menu! Also on the docket and worthy of keeping a dog ear on, is an upcoming Falafel Taco from the very same Santa Cantina.

Simon Dach Strasse 22




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