Five Guys Announces First Location, Rumors Of More To Come

May 31, 2018|Knocked Up

Friedrichshain- Five Guys

The much anticipated Five Guys burger chain that had its origins in Washington DC has been spreading its peanut shells and cheeseburgers into Europe for the last few years. They have opened a few restaurants in Germany, but with the latest rumor floating that they will be opening in Berlin, much of the burger heads have been reeling with bated breath to find out where it is going to be. With the recent announcement that Pret A Manger, another mega global chain is going to open in Hauptbahnhoff, there was some speculation of Five Guys mounting their Berlin attack along side.

However it is not to be, and Five Guys has announced that it will be launching their first Berlin shop at the Mercedes Platz this fall. But there may be more to the story. A rumor came in through the Tip Line that Five Guys may very well be planning to open a shop in Charlottenburg, opposite Cafe Kranzler, this has not yet been confirmed. But and two pronged approach to concurring Berlin seems like it could work. One thing is for sure, other than Liberal Democracy, Five Guys is likely to be the greatest thing to come out of Washington DC in the last century.

Mercedes Platz

five guys

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