Fryday Softy, Boxhagener Dining Room Can’t Stop Frying

May 30, 2018|Openings

Friedrichshain- Fryday/Frittiersalon

Fryday, the tempura slinging food truck found itself a home in the former kitchen of another frying champion. The long standing Frittiersalon that had been making burgers and fries since 2003 and shutdown earlier this year after 14 years in the game. The new Fryday is scheduled to be making it’s soft opening starting tomorrow and are promising a special present for any and all who attend their softy event. The deal with the new joint is that it brings together “Korean and Japanese style fried food, and everything that goes with it… with a modern twist.” As a gastonomy concept, it seems like fried food is almost alway a sure bet. No the fryers wont be getting a break at 104 Boxi any time soon, nor will the cholesterol levels.

Boxhagenerstr. 104


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