TUNGO’s Books Pre Opening Event With Major Gastro Names

May 28, 2018|Gossip

Mitte – TUNGO’s

A private event is taking place at TUNGO’s this Wednesday, where Berlin food trends will be discussed by four Berlin gastronomy entrepreneurs. TUNGO’s is a health conscious new joint due to open its doors in a few weeks. The discussion will be posing the question “Between hype and a cry for help?” and will cover subject like: gastronomers in Berlin, current trends and developments in the Berlin restaurant scene, hipsterdome, and shitty service. There will be representatives from Nobelhart & Schmutzig, Berlin Food Week, Orderbird and of course the owner of TUNGO’S himself. The joint is due to open its doors in mid June on Oranienburger, and is already ingratiating itself into the socially conscious gastronomy scene by booking such high rep. figures for the discussion. Seems like a pretty solid pre-opening move.

Oranienburger Straße 37


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