“Coincidence or Crisis” Reinstoff Making Closing Overtures

May 24, 2018|Gossip, Openings

Mitte- Restaurant Reinstoff

The two Michelin star joint, Restaurant Reinstoff, put out an official letter today stating their plans to not continue their lease come the new year. The reason? Time to move on. The owner plan to continue working and are looking for their next project, but it is unclear if they will open another Reinstoff, or if they will open a new restaurant all together. In the nicely presented letter they state that they never would have dreamed of achieving all the things they managed, but that the current restaurant is just not logistically capable of handling the level of cuisine they produce. Whether or not Reinstoff is actually closing, one Berlin food critic pointed out a worrying trend. Fischers Fritz, Alt Luxembourg, and Glass have all made similar moves in this past year, and asks, “Coincidence, or crisis” -Matthies  Reinstoff will continue working full time until the new year and will offer a survey of all of their greatest hits from now until then.

Schlegelstraße 26 c


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