Arminusmarkthalle Plays Host To Newly Rooted Balkan Joint

May 22, 2018|Openings

Moabit- Sljiva

New Balkan spot, Sljiva, is due to open up at Arminusmarkthalle in Moabit. The deal is according to Sljiva’s media is

“an authentic Balkan-gastronomic concept that combines the traditional taste of the Balkans with modern and refreshing ideas. Here beloved traditional dishes of the Western Balkans are reinterpreted and every former country of the Western Balkans finds itself with at least one dish again.”

So its Balkan for sure. Unclear exactly what that will mean but Mr. Eatler suspects some dumplings will be at play. Sljiva crew had been spotted previously at various Markthalle Neun, but it looks like this location is a much more serious endeavour. Opening party is going down later this weekend with a live Balkan brass band, always intriguing.

Arminiusstraße 2-4


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