Events Of The Week: Mumbai Cuisine, Pastrami & More

May 21, 2018|Gossip

Street Food Market Rundown & More

Tuesday in Neukölln we got Kitchen Take Over going on at Kauz und Kiebitz, who hosts a different street food vendor every Tuesday. This time they are off to India with Rasa Berlin with Mumbai cuisine so sweet-savory puffed rice, stews and Chaats. Check it out here

On Thursday in Wedding, BBQ Restaurant Lino’s is celebrating its first anniversary. Smoked meat like Pastrami Brisket and Pastrami Beef Ribs plus Pastrami Sausages. Cake and Beer. They had Mr. Eatler at Pastrami… Check it out here

On Saturday in Friedrichshain at Urban Spree, a Biergarten on a cultural space that houses numerous restaurants and events, hosts the fourth edition of Berlin’s Seafood Festival. The deal is that it’s a culinary meeting of fresh seafood produce coupled with street seafood vendors. Fish street food, sounds precarious, but this is probably all kosher, in the non religious sense of the word. Check it out here

Same day in Mitte at Night Kitchen, the Mediterranean modern gastropub serving dishes tapas style, is hosting a brunch from 11am in their super secret (now obviously not so secret anymore since it’s in caps all over social media) hidden backyard. Regardless, will be interesting to sample Night Kitchen style brunch, combined day drinking. Check it out here

On Sunday in Prenzlauer Berg, Street Food auf Achse from the Kulturbrauerei, is inviting different Japanese street food vendors into their Hinterhof. Unclear who is going to be making the food, but the invite already mentions Gyoza, Dangos, Taiyaki and more. Word is this is going to be a summer event happening every last Sunday of the month, alternating different cuisines. Check it out here

Also on Sunday, the Italian bistro Spazio in Wedding, which also does standard art events amongst other things, is opening its doors for an electronic brunch. The idea is that different music labels and musicians are gonna drop by, share good food and second hand vinyls. However, it remains unclear what kind of food and what kind of music will be banging, but let’s not expect Sony or BMG. Check it out here

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