Global Chains Gain Berlin Ground, Five Guys, Pret

May 21, 2018|Gossip, Knocked Up

As Berlin grows so does the seeming demand for global food chains. We’ve got two coming up for sure this fall. One American, one Euro. Here it goes: Prayers (also known twitter demands) have been heard. After two openings in Frankfurt and Essen last year, the Much Ado About Burger chain, Five Guys Burgers, the American fast food burger chain is coming to Berlin. Representatives are staying quiet as to where doors will open. Word has it they might do so on the Mercedes Platz, but no certainty guaranteed. What is certain is that Five Guys have do or die fans, so it will undoubtedly be fertile ground for Burger Trend combatants. Opening is slated for September. 

Pret-A-Manger, the global sandwich shop is planning on settling in as well, with a soon-to-be spot at Hauptbahnhof. Looks like things are moving fast with the train station redesigning its food court. With countless sandwich shops in the UK and overseas, a handful in France and a new one in the Netherlands, Pret is out to takeover. 

Five Guys



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