The Daily Dish: Geist Im Glas, East Sussex Bacon Sammies

May 18, 2018|Awards

Neukölln- Geist Im Glas

The Daily Dish is in! We got the Bacon Sandwich from Geist Im Glas. The bacon (and sausages and black pudding mind you!!) is from merry old England. Direct from the owner’s mum’s butchers in East Sussex – Deans Butchers. “The best sausages ever. I swear it.” Proclaims the proprietor, so besides the Bacon Sammy there is going to be full English going down. They’re gonna be dipping this unsmoked bacon into maple, cayenne, hot paprika, oregano mix and then caramelize it. Then put it in toast with a bit of ketchup. Simple, perfect, bacon, ketchup, bread! Go Eat That Tomorrow!!!

Lenaustr. 27


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