Pasta Deli Opens Up Between Commonground And Hermann’s

May 15, 2018|Openings/Closings

Mitte- Pasta Deli

The new Pasta Deli opened its doors to the public yesterday. It is essentially how the title reads, a deli that offers lunch/dinner plates of pasta and salads with a self service model. The is the fifth Pasta Deli to open in town and this one is just so happens to be nestled between Commonground and Hermann’s, two of the more popular cafe’s in the area. PD will certainly be a valid offering to some members of the heavily traversed Rosenthaler Platz area who prefer the strait forward plate of pasta. The evolution of the chain is such that in this location, besides the pasta dishes and salads at the core of the offerings, they are also adding Travellers gourmet coffee to the mix.

Torstr. 118

pasta deli

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