Eatler Reader Writes*: Maison Umami Review

May 15, 2018|Openings/Closings

For this Eatler Reader Writes* we’ve got a two part review of the new Maison Umami, the new Vietnamese joint. This is the second Umami in Kreuzberg and the third in Berlin. Here it goes.

Kreuzberg- Maison Umami

Opening Party- The opening was quite celebrity and blogger heavy. They had free cocktails, finger food and then gave everyone cute little goody bags with a voucher, jasmin tea and some mochi. And they had a live band and jazz singer. Their logo is all new and looks like a house but spells out the word Umami. Hence “Maison Umami. More to come:

Review: The place is beautiful, a lot of attention to details. They redid the entire place which housed another Vietnamese place before. They have outdoor seating in front and will also be opening seating in the courtyard soon. The menu is quite extensive and offers as many vegetarian/vegan options as there are meat dishes. They are known for their homemade lemonades and also the cocktails have all been great (they use asian flavours such as rice vodka, lemon grass, etc. to adjust to their style)

There are some dishes that really stand out and others that you kind of expect. The Pho is really nice, lots of herbs, the beef is tender and the portion is really large. The Fish Pot which is a big bowl of rice topped with a grilled salmon filet and vegetables was extremely delicious! Another satisfying dish was the Golden Poularde, a rice pot topped with crispy duck in a creamy red curry coconut sauce with pumpkin and sweet potato. The curry sauce was rich, just the right amount of spicy and the vegetables were on point! All the portions generous, so very good value for money (mains are mainly round 9€ and you end up stuffed!)

Another factor that stands out is that their vegetarian options using tofu or seitan were great. They said their tofu was organic and their Seitan Summer Rolls (Pagoda Rolls) are dreamy! A few dishes were super underwhelming, like the Dragon‘s Bbq, which was grilled king prawn with honeymarinade, vergetables and sweet potato fries. The prawn was nice but the sauce was really generic. Considering that its their first week of service, the overall experience at Umami was exteremely positive. The staff is young, super friendly and attentive. Decor is beautiful and there was detail in everything. They built a garden on front of the restaurant, so extra nice view and atmosphere on a otherwise busy, touristy street.

Schlesische Straße 5

*All Eatler Reader Writes reviews come from vetted gastro pros: restaurateurs, chefs, owners, managers, writers etc…

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