Openings, Closings, Knocked Up Rundown: Char-Burg, Mitte, Kreuz & More

May 14, 2018|Knocked Up, Openings/Closings

Openings, closings, and knocked up rundown. All the news thats going down in the gastro scene. Here it goes:


Keuzberg- Umami III an IndoChinese restaurant with a sixty year history going back to Vietnam, opened their third Berlin branch yesterday, notably on schedule. Check it out here.

Charlottenburg- Hommous & Khoubez, Lebanese specialty grocery and long time caterers have opened up their first official cafe over in Charlottenburg just the back of the Schloss, but it looks like they are doing more than the expected. Check it out here.

Friedrichshain- MedEATeranean Trip, new Italian joint opened up last week over just south of Boxhagner Platz at the hands of two Italian gentlemen. One of whom used to operate out of the Neta Mexican joint. Small menu, handmade pasta, check it out here.

Wedding- Saint Bess, a new wood fired pizza joint opened up about a month ago. The deal is that its a “Wood-fired pizza and small plate restaurant.” Artisanal Pizza makes a trend move. Check it out here.

Charlottenburg- Michelin Chef comes back to Berlin to open SAVU, new high end joint over on Ku’Damm. Check it out here.

Charlottenburg- Vincent Burger brother of another artistic burger shop, Rembrandt Burger, both named after the famous Dutch painters opened up after a long gestation. Check it out here.


Kreuzberg– Piri’s burger and chicken sandwich joint south of Görlitzer, sibling of Santa Cantina, had their last weekend in the game and went out with a feel good party. Ups and downs. Check out the report here.

On The Horizon

Kreuzberg- Arabica, the international Japanese coffee shop that has been in gestation for the last three years is on the cusp of the opening days and is starting to pull shots and run menus. Check it out here.

Mitte- Mr. Susan, Berlin’s favorite Korean pop up has announced a Mid June opening. The hope was to be open by Mid May but the deadline has been pushed forward. Hasn’t stopped the crew from running the cocktail program. Check it out here.

Mitte/Tiergarten – Sons Of Mana the relatively new Poké bowl joint from the same family as Qua Phé and Royals & Rice, opened up earlier this year and are working on two more joints, this time further East. Check it out here.


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