A Tale Of Woe For Neukölln Meat Shop Hanging Up The Apron

May 14, 2018|Openings/Closings

Neukölln Bare Knuckle & Sons

A tale of woe for Bare Knuckle & Sons, the meat centric spot in Neukölln who closed shop a couple of months ago after a series of unfortunate events. The deal was that only a few short months into business, one of the two owners suffered a heart attack and fell into a coma. Following that, Bare Knuckle turned into a one man show, when the metaphor “when it rains it pours” literally came to play. The neighbours broken water pipe left the restaurant flooded, completely ruining the floor and kitchen, appliances and all. Until recently there was some notion of Bare Knuckle re-opening, but after realizing that It would take six months to get it all back up and running, the owner decided it was simply not meant to be. Unclear what is happening with the location itself, but the word is that the owners are moving forward with other plans. Mr. Eatler will keep you abreast.

Okerstraße 2

bare knuckle

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