Orderbird Sponsored Joint Due To Open In Mitte

May 3, 2018|Knocked Up

Mitte- Tungo’s

New cafe came in through the Tip Line by the name of Tungo’s and its going to be occupying a spot over on Oranienburgerstr. The tag line of the joint is “The Same But Different.” And this refers to the idea that No one has to feel like they are “giving up”  anything” Tungo’s goal is to make it easy for you to eat healthily while still tasting the food. Pretty noble concept and hopefully it will liven up the lunch scene over on Oranienburger that is gestating on a few exciting joints, including the Korean Kimchi Slinger Mr. Susan.

The word is that the new cafe is at least partially sponsored by Orderbird, the POS service which is intriguing as they have been increasingly more present in the Berlin dining scene, even hosting a competition a few months back. The opening looks like its about a month or so away but is unconfirmed. Eatler reached out to the owners and will keep you abreast.

Oranienburger Straße 37


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