Salami Social Club Hosts Cantina For Mexican Oven Takeover

April 18, 2018|Gossip

Friedrichshain- Salami Social Club/Santa Cantina

The oven take overs continue for Salami Social Club, one of Berlin’s most prolific food collaborators. They have been keeping busy as of late and besides their avid out reach to other notable gastro names, like Moksa, Salt N Bone, and Sausage Man, Salami Social Club has opened up two more weekend outposts. They set up two booths, one at Wilden Renate and one at Else, feeding NY slices to the club machine.

Now they are hosting an oven take over with Santa Cantina, and will feature Santa Cantina focus’ on modern Mexican cooking. Their ingredients are aiming to prove there’s more than just the ‘norm’ street food tastes coming out of Mexico.  Duck confit, avocado and tomatillo salsa, duck chicharron, avocado and tomatillo salsa… pizza. Jerk chicken; red onion, habanero and agave escabeche… pizza. Cochinita pibil (Mexican pulled pork), habanero and maracuja salsa, pickled red onions and pickled habanero… pizza. And much more. Event goes down on April 24-25

Frankfurter Allee 43,


from Vagubund takeover

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