Gastätte Am Ufer Under Wraps

April 18, 2018|Gossip

Kreuzberg- Gastätte Am Ufer

This tip just came in about Gastätte Am Ufer, the Paul Linke Ufer joint that had been in the game for the last two years as a modern euro gastropub of sorts. There were percolations and murmurs about the place being shown by various real estate agents to potential restaurateurs, but nothing concrete to report. Today this message came in through the Tip Line:

So the Gaststätte has had paper over the windows for the past few days…There’s also some guy painting the building so it looks like somebody new is moving in..

Granted that this is only someone’s opinion and Eatler has reached out to Gastätte for a comment but hasn’t heard anything as of yet, but the restaurants Facebook page is down. The prime real estate along the Spree has been a gastronomic hotspot for a while now, but undoubtedly with Google moving in next door, it will be wild card in the gastronomy scene.

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