F Bar Gets Jacked For The Third Time In Two Weeks

April 13, 2018|Gossip

Wedding- F Bar

F Bar, the older sibling of the present day The Castle, has gotten broken in to for the third time in two weeks. Either this is the most unlucky run for a joint or some criminal out there has dementia, or the criminals’ social network isn’t passing down info that the joint got jacked ten days ago, or there is something oddly attractive about breaking into F Bar. What a strange occurrence. As for this time it looks like the only damage done was to the door, which is luckier than last time that saw the damaging of a nut machine. Nothing was else amiss. Just criminals livin’ that hard life and making everybody else’s life miserable. Hopefully this will be the last of the misadventures.

Grüntaler Str. 9

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