Weekend Events: Ceviche, Siberian Omlettes, & More

April 13, 2018|Best Of The Week

Kreuzberg, Neukölln, Schöneberg

Kreuz/Kölln- The ChaSu team is back! This time for all those who love that Ceviche game, ChaSu, the Peruvian street food pop up is getting heavy down in Daheim, a project and test kitchen down in Kreuz/Kölln. On the menu will be five different ceviches plus other goodies. Takes place Saturday. Check it out here.

Dieffenbachstrasse 68

Schöneberg- Kafana is doing the first Balkan Brunch in Berlin. Following the success of their first two attempts, they are now establishing a Balkan Brunch every Sunday. Enjoy foods like Gibanica, Burek, Cevapi, Pršut, Kulen, Urnebes, Kajmak, Ajvar, Prebranac, Pečena Peppers, Sarma, Šopska Salata, Žito and also Serbian Omlettes. No, Mr. Eatler has no idea what those foods really are, but they sound like a brunch well spent. 18 bucks a pop. Check it out here.

Bruchsaler Str. 6

Two openings this weekend worth checking out.

A new dumpling shop is opening up in Kreuzberg- Dings Dums Dumplings. Dings does dumpling fillings out of surplus food at the supermarkets. So you never know what the joint is gonna dumple on you. Party is going down on Saturday afternoon.

Wiener Straße 34

And in Kreuzberg- Bar Raval is opening a Bar Raval Shop this Saturday at Markthalle 9 featuring their gourmet Iberian wares. Naturally the celebrity actory/owner Daniel Brühl is featured as the spokesman of the company.  No, we don’t know if Brühl will make an appearance. But maybe so?

Eisenbahnstraße 42/43


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