Italo Fritzen Re Opens Joint On Easter Sunday

April 2, 2018|Openings

Mitte- Italo Fritzen, the new Italo-centric joint situated right on top of the Spree had their official opening day. No party news as of yet, but undoubtedly they will throw some sort of grand opening bash. The new restaurant is a mid to high range Italian joint that used to house a the Viennese Julius Mandl cafe just one floor above Grill Royal. Without a doubt it will play host to copious amounts of tourists looking for a meal without breaking the bank. The place had been under construction for the last four months and the facade is still under wraps to a degree. The whole building is under a scaffolding so perhaps the joint is waiting for those to be clear before hosting an official party. It is only suiting that yesterday, easter Sunday was their opening, if only to resurrect gastronomic life on that particular dining room.  Still there are some eyebrow raising elements, like that they only open at 7:30 pm, ergo, forgoing the lunch rush. Perhaps this is still soft opening-itis?

Friedrichstrasse 105


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