Original Sixties Diner Closed For Renovations

March 26, 2018|Gossip

Mitte- The Sixties Diner, long time “theme joint” just off Monbijou park, prone to touristic hoards hankering for an American diner experience, is closed for renovations. The joint has been around for at least a decade and has tripled its foot print since its beginnings, opening two more locations across town. Strange to think that a tourist would come to Berlin and dig into an “American Themed” joint. Kind of like going to Las Vegas to experience the Eiffel Tower. But hey, a burger and fries is a burger and fries, top it off with some chrome fixtures and you’ve got an American diner. Looks like they are doing a pretty big overhaul of the joint, so it will be some time before the doors will be open again.

Oranienburger Str. 11

sixties diner

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