Mr. Chan’s Hakka Lunch Taking Over Entrempo

March 21, 2018|Gossip

Prenzlauer Berg- Entrempo Kitchen Gallery an interdisciplinary art space aiming to research and explore food in a cultural and social context is linking up with Mr. Chan’s Hakka Style lunch later this week. The deal is that Mr. Chan will do a takeover featuring Hakka style food, which is known to many as Chinese Soul Food. Originally this was comfort food for Hakka Nomads whilst far away from home. On the menu are Vegetarian/Vegan options like, Wu Tiuh Sun Pan Jue, a Taro Abacus Bead, and Meat options like Honey Glazed Pork Ribs, and Braised Pork Belly and Black Fungus. Black fungus… Well Mr. Eatler is already a fun guy, but some more shrooms can’t hurt.

Senefelderstr. 29


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