Openings/Closings: Haferkater Opens, Sibylle In Danger

March 20, 2018|Openings

Berlin Restaurant Openings & Closings,

A couple on the docket:

Mitte- Haferkater, the porridge specialists that have been spreading across town have opened up their new shop. The joint is nested in the entrance to Friedrichstrasse station. They have been in gestation for the last few months and are opening just in time to see winter fly by. However giving a gander to the snowy outdoors, it looks like they may have a few days of winter left to enjoy some of the warm breakfast stew.

Friedrichstrasse Station

Friedrichshain- Cafe Sibylle, a cult classic cafe, open since 1953 looks like it may be on the outs. It looks like the end of this historic cafe will be caused by a malignant disease affecting many in Berlin, the contract renegotiation. Though there are apparently many people who are looking to oppose the latest news by declaring Sibylle a landmark, its hard to know what the future will hold. Thanks to for this tip.

Karl-Marx-Allee 72 

haferkater berlin restaurant


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